About safetrack

Safetrack is a very simple GPS based vehicle tracking system that helps people to locate their vehicle in a much easier way. The system provides all essential information like location, speed, running status, data history and other summary reports to analyze the fleet performance. Safetrack keeps the main focus on making the system as simple as possible for its users and hence realizing the concept of building a quality and stable service with the delight of minimum investment.


Live Tracking

Safetrack gets you the real time status of yourvehicle with all essential information like location, speed, engine status etc.

Route Trace

Route Trace shows the complete route traveled by a vehicle over any time. Here you can see the detailed route, halt location,halt duration etc.

Data History

Safetrack offers its valuable customers a highly secured data pool where all the incoming information about the vehicles are stored, sorted and structured for 3 months. Hence the user can access any previous history about the vehicle position, routes, reports and expenses anytime through his phone or PC

One screen for entire fleet

For owners of multiple vehicles, Safetrack offers the option of viewing all of them in a single screen, allowing you to keep tab on all of them simultaneously

Over speed Alert

In the event of over speeding you will be immediately alerted, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of rash driving.

Reports and Statistics

Safetrack offers you to generate automatic reports and statistics on your desired parameters to aid in performance evaluation of your fleet.


Preventing Vehicle Misuse
Control Rash Driving and Over Speeding
24x7 Live Visibility Ensures Vehicle Safety
Prevent Unnecessary Vehicle Idling
Improve Fleet Management by recording No.of Trips and Kilometers run
Best Return on Investment proved with minimum investment and maximum features.



One of the primary sources of our success is taking care of the quality and the dynamic development of our products. We invest in development to ensure that our products are safe and modern.

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